Self Control

It’s been a while since I have blogged, well like 20 minutes.  I wrote this whole blog out and somehow deleted it.  So here goes try # 2.  I’ve had a busy summer with boarding and training dogs.  I pay attention to what is going on in the dog world, but generally try and keep to myself.  Within the last few weeks though there have been a few things that have gotten my attention.  Trainers and everyday people bashing other trainers and methods all over social media.  I find it very depressing to see. 

  The other day I actually had an intelligent conversation with someone about dogs.  He was very honest and realistic about training and the limitations of his dogs.  Every dog is different and not every approach works for every dog.  I understand this and he understands it.  We stood and talked about it for a good bit.  We may not agree with everything or see eye to eye on all aspects of training and dogs.  But we can talk about it.  And in the end he goes home to his dogs and I go home to mine.  Some people want to say training is black and white, but it’s not.  There is gray area and lots of it, and even some red and green areas too 🙂

  So my point is this, he trains his dogs how he sees fit.  I train mine how I see fit.  We each have control over what we do.  People can complain all they want but in the end they have every opportunity to walk away from anyone or anything if they are not comfortable with it.  You raise your children how you want to, you get lots of advice from people along the way and you are free to choose what advice you want to utilize and what you don’t want to use.  Same goes for your dogs.  You are responsible for them.  You choose whether or not to train them and how.

  I went to school to learn how to train dogs.  I spent 8 weeks in school, then I did a year long internship to learn more.  And I don’t know everything.  I am always open to learning more and seeing how other people train.  I went to an e-collar seminar because I was curious about how the trainer was using it.  She uses it very differently than I do.  I don’t think I will ever believe I know everything there is to know about training.  People make snap judgements about someone because of a certain type of equipment used or certain methods.  But until you see how they are training you are uninformed.  Any person can go into a store or go online and buy any type of training collar/leash/harness that they want.  And they may or may not know how to use it.  The extent of their knowledge may be a youtube video.  To a layperson the youtube video may seem to have all the information needed, a professional may watch that same video and cringe.  This goes for all things not just dog training.  I’m not about to watch a video and then assume I can tear out and rebuild my truck engine. 

  Now I’m not a super opinionated individual, I can take or leave most things.  But lately I’ve had this thought sort of pinging around in my head.  You are in control.  Let me say it again for emphasis, YOU are in control.  If I put an e-collar on my dog it won’t do a stinking thing until I press a button.  If I put a martingale on my dog it will just lay there until I put a leash on it and do something with the other end of the leash.  Same for a halti, or pinch collar or flat collar for that matter.  See what I’m getting at??  You control everything.  You the person/owner.  Nothing happens until you do something.  So maybe you should not use certain things unless you know how.  People have impulse control issues just like dogs do.  It’s all about education for you and your dog, and again if you don’t feel comfortable with something don’t do it. 

  Just a little something to think about………..