Recall?? What’s that??

  Spring and summer are here and that means being outside with your dog!  Teaching a solid recall is one of the most important things you can do for your dog.  But what does a recall mean?  Some people think that having a recall means your dog will never run off again.  Not so.  Having a recall means that you can get your dog to come back to you no matter what.  It does not mean that your dog will never want to chase something or run off again.  Your dog wants to do these things.  Squirrells are awesome!!  And they run when chased!!  Your dog sees them and wants to go.  But you  must still pay attention to your dog and call them either before they give chase or even while they are chasing.  If you don’t call your dog then yes they will chase the squirrell.

  The general idea is that if you call your dog away from the temptations enough times then eventually the urge to chase will go away.  If they are never allowed to do it then eventually they will stop trying.  But believe me they try a lot.  You have to pay attention!!  A recall is only good if you use it.  Having one does not make your dog into a little robot.  You still have the same dog with the same personality.  You just have more control.  And there is nothing better than going to the park or on a hike and letting your dog be off leash and explore their surroundings. 

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