A Book?

I recently bought a book at a well known national bookstore.  It is about dogs and behavior and training.  I am about halfway thru reading this book.  I have learned nothing so far.  I wonder why I buy books about dogs.  I have read quite a few of them and always hope to learn something new and innovative.  But it never happens.  I am usually disappointed by the same old methods rehashed over and over.  I wonder if the average person reading these books is learning from them.  In that case I guess they are helpfull to the everyday dog owner. 

  If I were to write a dog training book I think I would cause a great controversy.  Maybe I’m just being conceited though, I doubt anyone would read my book.  I would write a book about how I train.  When I train I don’t use just one method, I have one way that I pretty much stick to but I vary it depending on the dog and how they progress.  The controversial part would be when the “normal” methods don’t work.  For instance, I use hot dogs in the beginning of training to teach basic positions.  But what happens when you have a dog that will not eat hot dogs?  Or any type of treat for that matter?  Well I will have them skip a meal before training.  Then when it comes time for their lesson they are hungry and are more willing to work for the treats.  Some people would balk at this or say it is cruel.  I don’t think so.  I skip meals all the time, and there are lots of people who fast themselves and their dogs 1 day a week.  But to put it in writing in a dog training book would probably be blasphmy to some people.  I could write a whole chapter on it.  I think people only want to hear the “nice” training methods though.  I ran a group class last summer and had to tell the owners not to feed breakfast to their dogs on the day of class.  Again some people just can’t do it and say “oh but I just gave them a little bit”.  Then they wonder why their dog won’t pay attention during class. 

 Honestly if I wrote a book I would have trouble holding back.  I would probably be called mean and horrible for putting in writing what trainers are doing everyday.  I guess I will just keep reading other people’s books for now.  🙂