I work in an industry that is 365/24/7.  I know this and really most of the time I am just fine with it.  I have had jobs in the past that require long mandatory hours on weekends and holidays.  Being in the pet industry means that no matter what I want to do, I have to make sure the dogs are taken care of first and foremost.

This basically means I do all my personal errands at night.  Grocery shopping included.  Sometimes this is frustrating because Lowes and Sam’s Club are only open so late.  If I want to have dinner with a friend it has to be after 8pm and then I have to be home by 10-11pm to put the dogs in for the night.  I will admit I don’t get out much.  I work every holiday, and weekends.  I’m up at 7am and work untill dark, then put the dogs to bed.

Now here is the part that makes me slightly mad.  I live on the property where my kennel is.  Some people seem to think that this means they can stop by or come pick up their dog whenever they want.  I am a very lienent person.  I let my one daycare dog go home at 7:30 almost everynight.  Some people just must think that I never eat, bathe or sleep though and my whole existence is just to wait around for them to show up.  I have had clients ask if they can pick their dog up at 10 pm before.  Really??  Are they just taking advantage?  Do they lack common sense?  I know they love their dogs and just want them home.  But really I need some personal time too.

My first year in business I probably would have let someone pick a dog up at 10pm.  But no more.  People need to respect boundries, I am putting my foot down more and more often.  And I don’t feel the need to explain either.  At one time I felt like I needed an excuse to say no.  Not anymore.  I have set hours and they need to adhere to them.  Admittedly I still make a few exceptions for long standing clients or if there is an emergency.  Sometimes I just get extremely frustrated with people though.

I have come to accept that it is part of the path I have choosen.  But I think from now on if I give a dog a bath expecting it to go home within the next few hours and then I get a txt msg asking if the dog can stay 2 more nights, they are gonna get charged for the bath.  Normally a bath is given to the dogs free of charge before they go home.  But I am not going to bathe a dog 3 times in a week and have the pick up constantly get pushed back.

And just because you know I’m here on Thanksgiving or Christmas and I say I’m closed, don’t get upset.  Feel free to board somewhere else.