Upset Tummy

Some people may wonder why their dog might get an upset stomach when they bring them to a kennel for boarding or training.  There are lots of reasons that this can happen.  Some of them are unavoidable and some you can help prevent.

At Aim High K9 we require that dogs coming in bring their own food.  Switching foods quickly can very easily give your dog an upset stomach.  When you bring your dog to the kennel bring them the same food they have been eating at home.  Some people want to bring special treats or snacks for their dog when they leave them at the kennel.  Sometimes this is because they feel bad about leaving them and want to compensate for that.  But special treats are just like changing the dog food.  If it is not something they regularly get at home then it can and will upset their stomachs.

One thing that you mostly cannot avoid is the change in water when you bring your dog to a kennel.  Although I have had clients bring cases of bottled water for their dogs to drink while they are being boarded.   Some dogs stomachs are so sensitive that the change from city or well water can upset them.  One thing you want to make sure of is that the kennel provides fresh water daily to the dogs.  Water that sits for more than 24 hours can get dirty and have germs and bugs in it.  This can also easily upset a dogs digestion if they drink that water.

Stress and Anxiety can also upset your dog.  If they have never been to a kennel before they can become stressed just by being away from home.  It may be nothing that the kennel or their staff does.  Just the simple fact of not being in their comfort zone will upset some dogs.  We always recommend people have a boarding kennel that they take their dog to even when they may be in town.  That way the dog can get to know the place and have less stress if something comes up and they need to be boarded.

Some kennels will require a negative stool sample before your dog can be boarded with them.  At Aim High K9 we do not require a stool sample before boarding.  We realize that you can have a stool sample taken by your vet a week, month or day before coming in for boarding.  And since then you could have walked your dog in the park, gone to the dog park, had a play date with the neighbors dogs, or just gone for your daily walk and picked up something within 24 hours of coming into the kennel.   A yearly stool sample is good for your dogs general health but it will not necessarily keep them from getting sick.

If your dog comes home from the kennel and has some loose stool, please don’t jump to conclusions and immediately blame the kennel.  Give them a day or so to relax and get back to normal.  If you see blood or the loose stool continues for more than a few days then a trip to the vet may be called for.