Group Class 2

So we have wrapped up our first class here at Aim High K9.  We had 4 dogs go through the class and all of them did very well.  All of the dogs came to the class at different levels of training.  The class was a basic on leash class that included being able to enforce the commands by the end of the class.

The Am Bull dog who at the beginning of the class could not stay in the group because she was so worked up and excited did very well.  We did do some private sessions with her inbetween the Sunday classes.  On the last day of class she was heeling up and down the parking lot with dogs on either side of her. And also doing sits and downs while other dogs heeled past her.

The young ( but very large) Newfie mix was also doing very well by the last class day.  She had come to the class with her mom because she is so big and her female owner could not handle or get control of her.  On the last day of class her mom said she felt so much better being able to walk and handle her without feeling overwhelmed.

The older golden retriever came to class mostly for heeling.  His mom was having a hard time handling him when there were other dogs and distractions around.  Now his mom can walk him and not worry about being dragged around by him.

The lab came to class with some previous training.  She also did very well and just needed some help with enforcing the commands.  She would decide when and where she wanted to do obedience.  Now she is getting the idea that when mommy says a command it is not optional no matter what is going on around her.

The students all did great and everyone was putting in the effort at home inbetween classes.

For our second class the dogs all came in knowing most of the basic commands.  The owners again needed some help with enforcing the commands in all situations.  All of the dogs did very well and the owners were great with working them at home.  One of the hardest things to teach in a class setting is the enforcement of the commands.  The class all listened well and worked on timing of the correction and paying attention to the response of their dogs.  Our second class still has 1 class left to go and I know they are all great.  Our last class is a lot of heeling up and down and practicing sits, downs and the all important come command.

We got some great input from the class members on how they liked the class and what they would like more of.  Thanks everyone for great classes!!